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Unicorn Cake

Unicorn Cake

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3 Layer / 6 Inch

Ordering Time Frames & Delivery

We are in the kitchen Wednesday to Saturday. All orders need a minimum of one working day notice period and are not guaranteed until we have confirmed with you.


Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle
Rich chocolate cake with layers of chocolate hazelnut buttercream and chocolate ganache

Chocolate Caramel
Rich chocolate cake with layers of caramel Italian meringue buttercream and homemade caramel sauce

White Chocolate Raspberry
Fluffy vanilla raspberry cake with layers of raspberry buttercream and white chocolate ganache

Banana Cream Cheese
Fluffy banana cake with layers of whipped cream cheese buttercream and homemade caramel sauce

Strawberries N Cream
Fluffy Strawberry Cake with layers of berry buttercream, fresh berries (Seasonal) and white chocolate ganache

Fluffy vanilla almond cake with layers of white chocolate sprinkle buttercream

Carrot Cake
Moist carrot cake layered with cream cheese buttercream

Cookies and Cream
Fluffy vanilla and chocolate marble cake with layers of chocolate cookie buttercream and chocolate ganache

Lemon Berry
Fluffy lemon cake with layers of creamy mascarpone buttercream, homemade lemon curd and mixed berry compote

Red Velvet
Moist red velvet cake with layers of cream cheese buttercream or white chocolate ganache

Black Forrest
Rich chocolate cake with layers of dark chocolate buttercream and mixed berry filling

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Size Guide

  • 10 dessert slices
    20 coffee slices

  • 15 dessert slices
    30 coffee slices

  • 20 dessert slices
    40 coffee slices

  • 25 dessert slices
    50 coffee slices