Mother’s Day Specials!

Treat your Mum, Grandma, Nan, Auntie or your special someone this Mother’s Day.

Think outside the box with our homemade, personalised, Mother’s Day goodies. Ideal for those looking to add a little sparkle to someone’s Mother’s Day this year!

Mother’s Day Mini Cakes

To serve 4 – $40
Can select from the following flavours:
  • Early grey, coconut
  • raspberry, rose, pistachio
  • chocolate plumb

Decorative Cookies

1/2 dozen – $20
  • Mixed box of three water coloured heart cookies with “xoxo” imprint and three ‘M’ ‘U’ ‘M’ cookies

Rosette Cupcakes

1/2 dozen – $25 or whole dozen – $45
  • Mixed boxes of Chocolate plumb and Raspberry, Rose, Pistachio

Decorated Donuts

1/2 dozen – $20 or whole dozen – $40
  • Chocolate
  • White Chocolate


1/2 dozen mixed box – $20 or whole dozen – $40
  • Pistachio rose
  • Chocolate berry
  • Early grey white chocolate

Bouquets (By Bespoke Weddings and Events)

We will be offering:

  • $25 Bunch of flowers
  • $35 Bunch of flowers
  • $55 Bunch of flowers

The focus will be less traditional and using one of our favourites – Proteas!

Specific flower pre-orders can be made up until Wednesday 8 May, after that we will have a limited number of bunches and plants available for purchase on Saturday and Sunday and we also have a wee stall at Yonder on Sunday for if you are taking your Mum / Pet Mum out for a well-deserved brunch at Yonder!

Indoor plants (By Bespoke Weddings and Events)

We have the following available:

  • String of Pearls – $30 each
  • Philodendron Atom – $30 each
  • Philodendron Xanadu – $30 each
  • Zanzibar Gem – $30 each
  • String of Fish Hooks – $30 each
Mother's Day Specials
Pick your treats & flowers