About the Baker

White Rabbit Cakes | Brittany Thurston

Born and raised on the beaches of Southern California, I grew up with a passion for baking that I remember finding at a young age. It’s difficult to find a baby picture of me where I don’t have a handful of cake or a face covered in buttercream. Cake always brings back happy memories of a special day, surrounded by friends and family and I love that I am able to create the centerpiece of that experience for my customers today.

Many of my greatest childhood memories were the ones from when I would visit my grandparents every summer, in Seattle. My grandpa aways had the most beautiful garden where Dahlia’s towered in every size and colour and my grandma always had an arrangement of freshly baked cookies in full stock. Grandpa had a beautiful drive for life and an eye for detail all the way through to his early 90’s and Grandma always poured her love into food and caring for everyone around her, which she carries on today. These early memories have played a major role in why I fell in love with baking long ago, and why I’ve chosen to spread this passion with as many people as possible.

After earning my Bachelors, at Lehigh University, I went back to California to begin my culinary journey at the Art Institute of San Diego, where I received my diploma in Baking and Pastry. Since then, I have also attended cake decorating classes at Planet Cakes in Sydney, Australia, and I continue to jump at any opportunity to learn something new and further develop my trade.

In the last four years since I’ve moved to New Zealand, I have worked in both the baking and catering industry; starting at Cup and Cake in Queenstown and then alongside the amazing chefs at Aspiring Catering here in Wanaka. In 2016, I opened as the head Baker at Double Black Cafe in Albert Town where I have developed and expanded their daily baking display and cake menu. You can still find me there a couple of days a week, stocking up the cabinet with freshly baked scones, gluten-free muffins, varieties of slices and the ever popular Cinnabuns. In 2017, I truly followed my passion and started White Rabbit Cakes, named after my angora bunny; Chewy. All of my baking is done out of my registered kitchen at the Lake Hawea Community Center and I am forever grateful to have found such a perfect fit for the starting grounds of my business.

I understand the importance of attention to detail while maintaining an emphasis on enriched and delicious flavours and this is something I pride myself on in each of my creations. Everything I create is done so with the hope to exceed the highest of expectations. I hope you all enjoy!